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Tune Lesson Follow-Up Evaluations

Many pipers have had great success learning tunes faster than ever before with my Tune Lesson Downloads. Now that you've downloaded the tune lesson and learned from the mp3 recording, sheet music, recorded lesson, and bonus material, here's the next step to perfecting your tune: Tune Lesson Follow-Up Evaluations.

Here's how it works: You record yourself playing your tune and send it to me. I'll listen to it and send you a detailed evaluation of your performance, complete with feedback on all the things you are doing well, areas that need improvement, recommended practice strategies, and more. It's 100% personalized for you and focused on helping you perfect your tune to reach your piping goals.

You can make your recording playing on the practice chanter or the pipes or both! You can send me an audio mp3. You can even record a video clip with your digital camera or webcam and email it to me or post it somewhere like YouTube!

I will discount the cost of your original Tune Lesson Download, which brings the price of your Tune Lesson Follow-Up Evaluation to
only $9.99. If you purchase a package of follow-up evaluations the savings are even bigger! Get an evaluation on every one of your tunes, or get evalauted on the same tune more than once to check on your practice progress!

Ready to get started?

1. Click to make payment for your Tune Lesson Follow-Up Evaluation:

ONE Tune Lesson
Follow-Up Evaluation

save 33%!

FIVE Tune Lesson
Follow-Up Evaluations

save 47%!

TEN Tune Lesson
Follow-Up Evaluations

save 60%!

2. Make your recording and send it to me! Here are some suggestions for making your recording: Bagpipe Recording Tips.

I will try to send your Tune Lesson Follow-Up Evaluation on the same or next day! (If I'm traveling it could take a few days longer).

This special offer is only available for tunes your have previously purchased as a Tune Lesson Download or Custom Tune Lesson Downloads.

Please drop me a line if you have any questions!


Tune Lesson Download Follow-Up Evaluations
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