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I've enjoyed teaching students of all ages and ability levels. I have had success helping students from all walks of life reach their goals and beyond. Here are some comments I've received from students about their learning experiences and from satisfied clients who hired me to perform for their special event. Drop me a note if you would like your testimonial posted here.


Jori is the kind of teacher that is genuinely interested in helping me improve my piping ability. I like his approach to teaching in general which is to make sure I understand the fundamentals of each tune, provide feedback on my performance, and then motivate me to strive for perfection. I leave each lesson knowing exactly the points I need to work on and inspired to practice and improve.

-Colin M.

Jori is quite patient, enthusiastic about teaching, and a listens intently to his students. Taking lessons from Jori is a very positive experience and his students really look forward to their next lesson. It's one thing to be a great piper, and it's another to be a great teacher and Jori is both. I really look forward to my lessons with Jori and only wish I had started taking lessons from him earlier.

-Terry O.

Jori is an amazingly talented piper and instructor. He has a gifted ability to transfer his knowledge and experience to his students in a very clear and methodical manner. His lessons are always challenging and engaging. He's incredibly patient and encouraging with me which in turn magnifies my own love and appreciation for both the pipes and for the process of learning itself.

-Kevin D.

As a beginning, older, piping student, Jori has proved to be a patient, motivated instructor. His knowledge of piping and approach to instruction has made the learning experience easier. I recommend him without reservation to anyone of any age and ability as a premier piping instructor.

-Neil B.

Thanks for all your help. I really wasn't sure how well these long distance lessons would work, but after seeing how easy it was to do mp3s and listening to your comments I was really surprised and pleased. It was really more like an actual lesson than I had anticipated. This is just what I need right now, so I'm very glad we started this. Not having an instructor close by, it seems as if I've been grinding my wheels in my piping for a long time. It's been so long since I've had such detailed commentary on my playing. I'm really excited to add the extra expression you talked about to my Piobaireachds. Our lessons have finally given me the direction that I need to reach my piping goals.

-John M.

Hi Jori, I am ecstatic with the difference in my playing today after my first lesson! Holding the bag under pressure like you showed me is really, really working for me. I just played like l never have been able to before, and it feels so great. Shaving the reed and adjusting the drones has made it no great task to play tunes through without having to quit out of exhaustion. I am really psyched, Jori! Thanks so much for this help!

-Jason G.

Every other week, I take a ferry and drive over two hours to Jori's house for my lesson. Jori is that good a teacher. At 40 years old, I am a new, beginning piper. From my first lesson, Jori has made learning the bagpipe a fine adventure and he has the patience and creativity to help me through each challenge. His enthusiasm for all aspects of piping shines through in each lesson to the extent that I am not sure whether he enjoys playing or teaching more. He has put a great deal of his life into pipes and piping. His dedication to the craft serves as a constant inspiration to me as a beginning piper. One of the best aspects of Jori's teaching is this: Throughout his career, Jori has sought out instruction from the best pipers in the world. Because of his own instructional lineage, I know that I am being taught "the right way." Bagpipe students old and young, beginners or old hands, Jori has a teaching method to bring out the potential in each of us.

-Eric. E.

Jori has a unique and thorough teaching style that goes beyond just the notes. As a student of Jori's, playing with proper control and effective musical expression is just as important as technique and tone. Taking lessons with Jori has brought my playing a creative edge that I didn't have before. Thanks Jori!

-Micah B.

My son, 15, has been studying the pipes with Jori for about 3 1/2 years; during that time he has made great progress. Nearly every week, emerging from Jori's house, he gets in the car and sits quietly for a few minutes, head down (obviously much on his mind) and then announces: "THAT was a really good lesson." Jori is able to motivate my son to work hard on his piping; he practices willingly and takes the art seriously, and he has a good time with it. I think it helps that Jori is himself a successful solo competitor, and that he teaches in piping workshops and takes part in piping events and performances all over the world. He brings back the latest wisdom and really inspires my son to high standards. I feel fortunate that we have found such a skilled and committed teacher.

-Susan W.

Jori is an excellent piping instructor - both in his piping and teaching skills. I have been taking piping lessons from him for over 4 years. He is extremely perceptive in finding the best way to teach each individual student to the best of their ability and in the process makes learning enjoyable. Also, he motivates his students to push their abilities and gain confidence in their progress. I encourage anyone wishing to take up piping or further their abilities to choose Jori as their instructor.

-Amy B.

I chose to play the pipes only for pleasure and you have honored that making it a fun learning experience. I have always wanted to play a musical instrument and with your guidance it has been a pleasure and inspiration!

-Bill P.


Thanks Jori. I can't tell you how important it was to me to have a quality piper at our daughter's wedding. I'm amazed at the people who know no shame and play their pipes at public functions. You obviously take this wonderful instrument very seriously, and apply both time and artistic talent to it. You could tell by the obvious foot stomping as the newlyweds left, that there was a pleased large Scottish contingency present. Hopefully we will see you at the local highland games. Thanks again for your years of practice.


You were marvelous, Jori! Just a quick note to say thank you for your contribution to Dad's funeral today. Several people commented on how well you play, and how well your piping fit the occasion. I was really impressed! Thank you again for your help, and especially at less than a week's notice. Hopefully we can meet in happier circumstances!


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