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Lessons by Tape

This original long-distance teaching method has been used by pipers for many years. It's easy to do and very effective. Here's how it works: You send me an audio recording of your playing along with copies of your sheet music. I will listen to your recording and record a custom lesson for you, with a complete assessment of your tunes, suggestions for improvement, playing demonstrations, and a practice plan for you to achieve your goals. With this method you can work at your own pace or we can set up a regular schedule. Even if you are taking regular lessons, I can provide another point-of-view, assist you with a particular tune, or help you get that extra competitive edge.

You can send your recording in any format that is the most convienient for you: cassette tape, CD, minidisc, microcassette, mp3, WAV, etc. You can mail photocopies of your sheet music, or you can fax it, or you can scan and email. Feel free to use any combination of these methods. I will send your detailed and customized lesson via email, or I can send a CD if you prefer.

Now use YouTube for a new, innovative method for lesson recordings. Simply record your tunes with your camera and post the movie to Make the video unlisted if you prefer to keep the video hidden and send me the link. I'll watch your video and create a detailed, customized lesson.

Please send me an email if you have any questions!


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