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Bagpipe Recording Tips

It has never been easier to make high quality recordings at home. Once you've made your recording, below are some tips for sending it to me for your Tune Lesson Download Follow-Up Evaluation.

Make your recording

Use your digital camera:

Many people have digital camera that can record movies with great sound. Set it up and make some test recordings and see how it looks and sounds. You could stand close to really show your fingers or you could stand further back for a full body shot, your choice! If it sounds distorted, try standing further back as you might be overpowering the microphone with your powerful chanter sound! Once you've recorded your tune video with your camera, download it to your computer. Cost: free!

Use your computer:

If you are a PC user, you have many options but a good (and 100% free) program -- Audacity -- makes great recordings. You will need a microphone for your computer if you don't have one built-in. Nothing fancy, any standard computer microphone will work. Cost: free! PC mic less than $20

If you are a Mac user, your computer has a built-in computer microphone and all new Macs come with amazing easy-to-use recording software called Garageband. It's pretty straightforward (and fun) to make audio recordings and then save them as mp3s. Cost: free!

If you want to spend a little extra and get a nice microphone for your computer (Mac or PC), I recommend the BlueMic Snowball. It's a professional quality microphone that connects to your computer's USB port. It has a setting that is perfect for extra loud sounds (e.g. bagpipes). I've been using mine to make some really nice recordings at home on my iMac. Cost: under $100

Use your webcam:

YouTube has a free video upload service called QuickCapture that lets you record videos using your computer mic and webcam -- directly into YouTube. It's really quick and only takes one-step. Cost: free!

Use an external device (mp3 recorder/iPod/minidisc):

Several of my students use mp3 recorders for recording their lessons and for self-recording at home. I use an mp3 recorder by iRiver for recording live shows. If you have an iPod you might try some of the iPod recorder accessories such as this one by XtremeMac. Search or Google for "ipod recorder" or "mp3 recorder" and see what else is out there.

Send your recording

Email often has trouble sending files that are bigger than a few MB in size. You can try sending your recording to me, but if it is too big for email, you have other options.

Send using a free large file sending site:

There are lots of free websites that specialize in sending large files that are too big for email. I have used Sendspace and YouSendIt. Both are free and simple to use.

Post it online:

There are tons of free websites that allow you to post your files online for free. For mp3s, I recommend Boomp3. It's super fast and easy to post your recording. For videos, YouTube is the most popular. Easy to use. Once you've posted your recording, simply email the link to me so I can begin your Tune Lesson Download Follow-Up Evaluation.

Please drop me a line if you have any questions!


Bagpipe Recording Tips
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