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Learn the Pipes

As a full-time professional bagpipe teacher, I can help you learn the pipes regardless of where you live in the world. I have successfully taught pipers of all ages and ability levels, from total beginners to professionals, from age 7 to 70. You have several options to choose from: Which ever option you choose, you can expect a customized, goal-focused, challenging and fun learning experience. Please read some testimonials from several of my happy students. Send me a message if you have questions. Please email for current rates.
Jori Chisholm teaches the bagpipes.Read the full article...

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Tune Lesson Downloads *NEW*

Tune Instantly download a complete tune lesson! Includes the sheet music, a high-quality recording of the tune played on the pipes, and an audio instructional lesson. Comes with extra bonus educational material.

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Webcam Lessons

Webcam Enjoy fully interactive face-to-face lessons from the convenience of home using the latest in video chat technology. You will need a computer with and internet connecttion, a webcam, and free easy-to-use video chat software.

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Lessons by Tape

Lessons The original long distance teaching method. You send me a recording of your tunes and your sheet music, and I'll record a customized lesson for you. Send a tape, CD, minidisc, mp3s, or anything that works. Pipers have been using this method for years!

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In-Person Lessons

Lessons in Seattle If you live nearby or can travel to Seattle, we can set up a schedule for traditional in-person lessons. Most of my students come for lessons every week or every other week, but if you are traveling from afar we can set up a schedule that works for you, including video and in-person lessons.

Send me a message if you have any questions or if you want to schedule your first lesson!

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