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Questions & Answers

Do you have questions about the bagpipes?

Check out the Blog where I've posted answers to your questions and for updates on what's new around here!

Please feel free to email your questions to me.

  • How do I learn to play the bagpipes?
  • You need lessons. Period. End of story. Don't try to learn on your own. I can help you learn the pipes regardless of where you live. If you can travel to Seattle, send me a message about lessons. If you live elsewhere, you can still have Long Distance Lessons by Tape or Real-Time Interactive Video Lessons. For more details, check out my Learn the Pipes page. And you can download some tune lessons right away from my Tune Lesson Downloads page.

  • Will you pipe at my wedding/funeral/birthday party?
  • Of course!  Just let me know what you need. Read the Testimonials from past satisfied clients. Visit my Performances page for more info.

  • Am I too old to learn the pipes?
  • No.  I have successfully taught students of all ages, even adult beginners with no previous musical experience. Here are a few testimonials from some of my happy students.

  • What if I have no musical talent?
  • Talent is a myth.  Skill comes from opportunities to learn, encouragement, and practice.  Check out the Resources page for more on this topic.

  • What do I need to start?
  • A teacher and a practice chanter: a recorder-like instrument that allows you to first learn the fingering and music theory of the pipes.  After a few months you'll get your pipes and start to learn about everything else.

  • How much do bagpipes cost?
  • It depends.  New or used.  Top of the line or bottom of the barrel.  Silver.  Ivory.  Plastic.  Wood.  Your best bet is to visit some online retailers.  Tartantown is a good place to start.

  • How can I find pipers, pipe bands, or Highland Games in my area?
  • Use this map find your local local piping assocation.  A simple internet search will usually turn up pipe bands for your city or state.

  • Where can I find bagpipe sheet music on the internet?
  • There's a ton of tunes online, but beware, many tune site contain incorrect versions. You are best to go with a trusted printed book or download the sheet music and a recording for some tunes instantly from my Tune Lesson Downloads page.

  • Can I rent bagpipes?
  • What's the deal with the kilt?
  • What is Piobaireachd?
  • Where can I listen to bagpipe music on the internet?
  • ...and many more.

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